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Silent POWER is making BIG NOISE ›

Energy is required for both urban & rural needs as well as for economic development. Energy generation and utilisation can cause a wide range of problems if not handled properly. Hence, energy producers & users share the responsibility to understand the source of energy we are dealing with, use it wisely, safely, effectively and efficiently.

Traditionally we relied primarily on fossil fuel (coal & gas) to generate electricity. These finite energy sources cause environmental problems which lead to pollution and associated health issues. Therefore, our energy problems that accumulated over the past decades require new thinking…

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Investing in Solar ›

Any business investment MUST make you money or make your life easier. Installing solar does BOTH. Payback and return on Investment certainly stacks up in today’s environment. More and more businesses are discovering just how effectively solar drives down their outgoings. Large businesses with access to the best and brightest accountants, analysts and managers are leading the charge.

Companies such as the supermarket chains, department stores, logistics complexes, hardware chains, giant tech companies, manufacturing plants, together with institutions like private schools, universities and colleges…

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