At SEBSS, we begin with a feasibility study based on an on-site analysis and scrutiny of your power needs and past and current usage. We then prepare a comprehensive financial projection and modelling and a proposal on the recommended system’s impact. This covers considerations such as:

Our Services

  • Capital outlay
  • Rate of return on investment over the system’s lifetime
  • We have experienced teams of Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers and one of these teams will be appointed to install and commission your solar system using quality components to maximise the longevity of your system and your return on investment.
  • The net present value (NPV) of the recommended system.
  • Projected electricity cost savings
  • Your projected payback period
  • If you are happy with our proposal, we will prepare a detailed custom design and make all necessary application on your behalf to the energy wholesaler for your proposed solar system.

Commercial and Industrial Services

Power consumption is a fixed cost expense to every business. Any business investment MUST make you money or make your life easier. Installing solar does BOTH. More and more businesses are discovering just how effectively solar drives down their outgoings. With a personalised solar solution system developed by SEBSS in place, your expenditure can be cut by up to 80% in three years, which creates a tangible saving in perpetuity for your business.

SEBSS services businesses including supermarket and hardware chains, department stores, logistics and tech companies, manufacturing plants, together with institutions such as private schools, universities, and colleges. Even some government agencies are coming on board after seeing the savings that can be made by using solar solutions to energy problems. Contact SEBSS today on 0414 636 099 for an on-site assessment.

Off-Grid system 8 kW Victron Quattro inverter, 6.6 kW Solar panels, 24 x Eternity 4PzV220 Gel Cell Batteries.

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