Solar Energy & Battery Storage Solutions (SEBSS) is an established solar energy and battery storage company that is committed to assisting businesses in reducing their grid dependence and energy costs. SEBSS offers a highly competitive return on investment by specialising in the provision of clean and renewable energy through solar energy generation, storage application and utilisation for agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial businesses.

Paul Reynolds – Founder SEBSS
Dr Kame Khouzam – Senior Technical Consultant

Paul Reynolds, founder of SEBSS, has attained nearly 20 years’ experience as a leader in the solar energy industry and over 30 years as an avid Queensland dairy farmer. Prior to launching SEBSS, Paul founded Australian All Energy Solutions in 2011 and was the Finance and Business Director for six years, until establishing SEBSS. A seasoned industry veteran, Paul stands as an authoritative expert, leveraging his extensive background to provide insightful and relevant solar energy solutions to his clients.

Paul’s senior technical consultant, Dr Kame Khouzam, is an electrical engineer and a former university academic with a comprehensive background as a researcher, spanning over 40 years. Dr Khouzam holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Honours), a M.Sc. in Solar Thermodynamic Energy Conversion and a PhD. in Photovoltaics (PV). Amongst Dr. Khouzam’s career milestones, his work on PV Electrolysis earned him the Australian National Sustainable Energy Award in 2001.

Paul continues to lead a professional and motivated workforce dedicated to client service and satisfaction. His skilful team quantifies a client’s carbon footprint and designs the solution to reduce or offset that footprint as per the client’s requirements. Overall, SEBSS comprises of fully licensed electricians, employed to install all tailored systems. Their calibre of work is of the highest quality, adhering strictly to industry standards and guidelines. 

Solar Panel Rooftop Installation

SEBSS is a member of the Smart Energy Council, Clean Energy Council, an Approved Solar Retailer, and a member of the Queensland Chamber of Commerce.

SEBSS services the Toowoomba area, greater Queensland and New South Wales, specialising in Solar Photovoltaic (PV) energy generation and applications. The company designs and installs solar energy solution systems in various configurations: Off-grid, Grid-connect, Hybrid systems, Solar water pumping and Irrigation.

Through personalised consultation with clients, SEBSS offers holistic solutions from start to finish. This is primarily due to Paul and Dr. Khouzam’s intricate study on individual client energy consumption needs, and design energy solution systems tailored to the load and energy profile of specific businesses. The design considers factors associated with supply, demand, configuration, and operation. SEBSS is also an authorised reseller of quality solar equipment hardware, offering clients an optimum energy solution that delivers on cost, tariff, and performance.

SEBSS is founded on the core values of honesty, respect, professionalism, integrity, and a commitment to excellent, personalised client service. Clean and renewable solar energy solutions are designed and installed by SEBSS, meeting client satisfaction, delivered safely and on time, whilst providing an excellent return on investment. Since its inception, SEBSS has designed and installed over 1200 Photovoltaic systems in agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial companies across Queensland and New South Wales.Paul and Dr. Khouzam regularly attend and participate in Solar Energy Conferences to ensure they further their knowledge, upskill, and continue to be industry leaders. They also offer educational seminars and presentations on the fundamentals of electricity, solar electric systems employing photovoltaic and wind power.

SEBSS is a member of the
Clean Energy Council (CEC)
SEBSS a Clean Energy Council (CEC)
Approved Solar Retailer