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Introducing SEBSS

Solar Energy & Battery Storage Solutions (SEBSS) is a Queensland based, community focused enterprise specialising in solar energy generation, storage, application and utilisation for the residential, agricultural, farming and commercial/industrial sectors. Paul Reynolds, founder of SEBSS, has been working with Australian farmers for more than 10 years (being a dairy farmer until 25 years ago).

System Approach
SEBSS overall system approach, from the energy source to the load side, yields the best energy management scenario where energy and equipment costs and overall efficiency are optimised.

SEBSS Capabilities
SEBSS offers consultation, design, installation, trouble-shooting and servicing of solar and renewable energy equipment for both ‘grid-tied’ and ‘off-grid’ systems, with and without energy storage, for a wide range of applications.

Our installed systems range from a few hundred watts through to many thousand kW capacity. SEBSS has a team of dedicated and innovative electricians and employ as a consultant a former university academic Dr. Kame Khouzam. Our ability to undertake research & development in solar energy is one of SEBSS’s particular assets.

We also offer educational seminars and presentations on the fundamentals of electricity, solar electric systems employing photovoltaic and wind power.

SEBSS employ licensed electricians ensuring work of the highest quality, and adhering to industry standards and guidelines.

SEBSS is a member of the Clean Energy Council (CEC).

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Paul Reynolds  

Born in Toowoomba and raised on the family Lockyer Valley dairy farm, in the early 2000s Paul sold the farm returning to Toowoomba where he gained work.

From 2008 he worked for a commercial solar company in Brisbane. And in 2011 he submitted a proposal to the Queensland Dairy Organisation (QDO) to install solar systems on dairy farms assisting dairy farmers reduce their energy costs. Seeing his QDO proposal accepted Paul established the solar company Australian All Energy Solutions Pty Ltd. After installing approx 300 systems for dairy farmers he then focused on small crop farmers running cold rooms - to help them reduce their energy bills.

Later Paul also submitted a proposal to the MTAQ to be their preferred solar installer for their members where he installed numerous solar power systems. In 2016 Paul established the domestic arm of his business, continuing to work in both the domestic and commercial fields for solar and battery storage.

Paul lives in Toowoomba and works an area from Toowoomba West and Rockhampton West, visiting people to discuss their energy requirements and sizing systems to suit their needs. Paul meets with business owners to discuss their power bills and quantify tariff usage to design a solar system that will reduce grid consumption and become more efficient in producing energy from a solar system. This is based on payback and return on investment to reduce outgoings and enhance your bottom line.

Solar Energy & Battery Storage Solutions (SEBSS) is a progressive solar energy and battery storage company assisting businesses to reduce their grid dependence and energy costs.

Paul Reynolds

Dr Kame Khouzam  

Dr. Kame Y. Khouzam was born in Cairo, Egypt. After receiving a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Honours) in 1977, he developed passion and interest in Solar Energy, Photovoltaics, and Renewable Energy and their applications. He received his M.Sc. in solar thermodynamic energy conversion in 1983 and in 1989 he received his PhD. in Photovoltaics (PV) in Ohio, in 1989. In the same year, he was recognised among the top International Students in American Colleges and Universities.

Among Dr. Khouzam achievements is his work on PV Electrolysis, which earned him the Australian National Sustainable Energy Award in 2001. He has also developed a Solar System for drying agriculture produce using liquid desiccant dehumidification in 2008. He has authored numerous publications, articles, technical papers and consulting reports in energy efficiency, energy and load management, optimum matching of PV systems and battery modelling.

Dr. Khouzam was an A/Prof. at Cleveland State University before joining Queensland University in Technology in 1991 where he taught subjects in electrical circuits, theory of electric machines, energy generation, transmission, distribution and utilisation and Photovoltaic Engineering and Fundamentals of Solar Radiation until he retirement in 2011.

Upon his retirement he joined forces with Solar Energy and PV Enthusiasts to offer consulting, design and installation of a wide variety of PV Systems for Grid and Off Grid Applications. Dr Khouzam has become a very respected and sought after presenter of solar seminars to rural and regional professionals throughout Australia.

Kame Y. Khouzam
B.Sc. (E.E. Honour), M.Sc. (Soar Thermal), PhD (PV).




SEBSS Business owner Paul Reynolds, & technical consultant Dr. Kame Y. Khouzam
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