Solar Energy & Battery Storage Solutions

Solar Energy & Battery Storage Solutions (SEBSS) is a Queensland-based progressive solar energy and battery storage company committed to continual and meticulous research to design and install personalised, innovative, and sustainable solar energy solutions for Australian businesses.

SEBSS works with clients who are dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint by actively utilising renewable energy solutions within their day-to-day operations.  

SEBSS studies individual client energy consumption needs, and designs energy solution systems customised to the load and energy profile of specific businesses.

SEBSS designs and installs clean and renewable energy solutions that meet client satisfaction, delivered safely, on time, and provide an excellent return on investment.

SEBSS specialises in the design & installation of various solar energy solutions that include: Off-grid, Grid-connect, Hybrid systems, Solar water pumping & Irrigation.


Unique Selling Propositions

SEBSS offers clients a complete personalised package. The company’s unique selling propositions include, preliminary site visits and discussions, regular energy reports, follow up phone calls and visits and importantly, a return on investment within three years, which is less than up to half the industry average. A key to the company’s success is that opportunities and options are researched to maximise solar energy usage specific to the client. The final design considers factors associated with supply, demand, configuration, and operation. Because SEBSS is an authorised reseller of quality solar equipment hardware, the company can offer clients an optimum energy solution that delivers on cost, tariff, and performance.


Residential system batteries range between 12 to 25 kWh when energy is stored, and can be utilised as an emergency supply during power outages.

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Industrial and Commercial businesses, both medium and large can use Photovoltoic (PV) energy to best compensate load usage.

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SEBSS designs and installs both “On-grid” and “Off-grid” systems to perfectly accommodate the agricultural sector in rural and remote areas.

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Solar panels have a lifespan of
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Paul Reynolds

As the founder of Solar Energy and Battery Storage Solutions (SEBSS), Paul has acquired nearly 20 years’ worth of industry knowledge within the Solar Energy field. In addition, Paul has over 30 years of experience as a Queensland dairy farmer. Standing as one of the most influential experts and industry leaders, Paul leverages his extensive background and insights on solar energy solutions to best suit the needs of his clients.

SEBSS assesses, facilitates and services the agricultural industry as well as residential, commercial, and industrial companies in the Toowoomba area that have energy needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Residential Services

SEBSS assesses, facilitates and services the agricultural industry as well as residential, commercial, and industrial companies in the Toowoomba area that have energy needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Excess Energy

Medium and large industrial and commercial businesses can make effective use of excess energy from the photovoltaic array, and is exported to the power grid with a credit received.

Battery Storage

The size of the residential system’s battery range from 12 to 25 kWh. The energy stored can also be utilised as an emergency supply during power outages.

Off Grid Photovoltaic System

‘Off grid’ solar systems for electricity generation employ a PV array, a storage battery as well as a stand-alone inverter.

Our Service to You

Here at SEBSS, we begin with a feasibility study based on an on-site analysis and expert-led inspection of your power needs in relation to your past and current usage. We then prepare a comprehensive financial projection and modelling, along with a detailed proposal on the recommended system’s impact. This covers considerations that include:

  • Capital outlay
  • Projected electricity cost savings
  • Rate of return on investment over the system’s lifetime
  • Your projected payback period
  • The net present value (NPV) of the recommended system.
  • If you are satisfied with our proposal, we will then prepare an in depth custom design and make all necessary applications on your behalf to the energy wholesaler for your proposed solar system.
  • We have experienced teams of accredited Clean Energy Council (CEC) installers and one of these teams will be appointed to install and commission your solar system using quality components to best maximise the longevity of your system and your return on investment.


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Commercial and Industrial Services

Power consumption remains a fixed cost expense to all businesses and any business investment should either make you money or make life easier. Installing solar covers BOTH.

More and more businesses are discovering how effectively solar drives down their outgoings. With a personalised solar solution system developed by SEBSS, your expenditure can be reduced by up to 80% within three years, which creates a tangible saving in perpetuity for your business.

SEBSS services businesses that include: Supermarket and hardware chains, Department stores, Logistics and Tech companies, Manufacturing plants, together with institutions such as private schools, universities, and colleges. Government agencies have also stepped onboard after seeing the savings made by using solar solutions to energy problems. Need a comprehensive inspection? Contact SEBSS today on 0414 636 099 for an on-site assessment.