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Introducing SEBSS
Solar Energy & Battery Storage Solutions (SEBSS) is a Queensland based community focused enterprise specialising in solar energy generation, storage, application and utilisation for the agricultural, farming and commercial sectors. Paul Reynolds, founder of SEBSS, has been working with Australian Farmers for more than 10 years (being a dairy farmer until 15 years ago).

System Approach
Our overall system approach, from the energy source to the load side, yields the best energy management scenario where energy and equipment costs and overall efficiency are optimised.

SEBSS Capabilities
SEBSS offers consultation, design, installation, trouble-shooting and servicing of solar and renewable energy equipment for both grid-connected and off-grid systems, with and without energy storage, for wide range of applications.

Our installed systems range from a few hundred watts through to many thousand kW capacity. SEBSS has a team of dedicated and innovative electricians and employ a former university academic as a consultant. Our ability to undertake research & development in solar energy is one of SEBSS’s particular assets.

We also offer educational seminars and presentations on the fundamentals of electricity, solar electric systems employing photovoltaic and wind power.

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